Picture of Home Flood

Playing Defense: Your Preventative Water Damage Guide

As shelter-in-place orders extend, you finally have the time to get through your home improvement checklist. It’s time to suit up, grab your gloves, and unpack your tools, because today, we here at Clear Coast Restoration are going to help you acquire a strong defense against water damage.

Even though we don’t get a wide spectrum of weather, here in Rancho Cucamonga, water damage can manifest within your home. From broken pipes to poor drainage, there is a myriad of potential sources. Luckily, unlike natural disasters and heavy rainfall, water damage within your home is oftentimes preventable. Here are the steps you can take to prevent water damage from occurring in your home:

Maintain Your Plumbing

Plumbing pipes and water lines run throughout your home. From your upstairs bathroom to your laundry room, hundreds of feet of piping lay beneath your floors and within your walls. So, a compromised system can potentially threaten the integrity of your entire home.

Some plumbing leaks are apparent, appearing as puddles or dark water stains; however, it is possible for a leak to go unnoticed. That’s where we come in. With these identifying tips, you should be able to spot a leak before it becomes a major flood.

Here are the unusual signs that indicate you have a leaking pipe:

  1. Unexplainable Spike In Your Water Bill

If your monthly water bill goes through the roof, without a change in water consumption, you may have a hidden leak in your home. Make sure you keep track of your water expenses each month, so you can track any changes. This way, you’ll recognize when something looks unusual. If you notice an increase in your monthly water costs, reach out to your local plumber for a leak inspection. An unresolved leak can lead to extensive water damage, and you’ll find yourself calling a restoration specialist rather than a repairman.

  1. Low Water Pressure

A drop in water pressure can signify that your water line is malfunctioning or that you have a leak somewhere in your plumbing network. Make sure you note any changes in water pressure and have your system’s maintained by a qualified plumber.

  1. Hot Spots

If you are walking in your home and notice random warm areas of your flooring, you may have a broken hot water pipe. This can lead to extensive property damage. Have your plumbing checked immediately!

  1. Musty Odors

Musty odors mean one thing—mold. Mold is a sign that water is seeping into your home. Contact your local water damage restoration company to eliminate excess moisture from your home and restore your property.

Remember to schedule regular maintenance for all plumbing appliances and systems to reduce the chances of malfunction!

Keep Your Gutters Clean

Gutters are the key to wicking water away from your homes’ foundation. The network of gutters on the exterior of your home provides an evacuation pathway for excess water and rainfall. This system prevents water from running straight down the walls of your home and into your foundation, potentially cracking it and damaging the structural components of your property.

So, if your ducts become clogged by dirt, debris, and fallen leaves, your water has nowhere to go. This can cause your gutters to overflow, putting your home in harm’s way. Additionally, make sure your downspouts are facing away from your home to prevent pooling water from forming at the base of your home. Your downspouts will need to be maintained as well! Clear them regularly.

Clean gutters and outward-facing downspouts will provide a solid defense against foundational flooding.

Trim Trees And Vegetation

Thriving landscapes are a beautiful thing, that is, until roots wrap around your pipes causing them to crack. Minimize planting around your plumbing networks, and don’t allow plants to become overgrown! This will help prevent pipes from breaking.

Check Your Home Appliances

Outdated kitchen appliances and laundry machines can lead to water damage, as old pipes become brittle over time. From your fridge to your dryer, make sure all water supplies are undamaged. Leaking water lines are the leading contributor to water loss and property damage.

For water damage restoration services, contact Clear Coast Restoration at (909) 443-2626. We are taking extra precautions to keep you & our technicians healthy and safe during these challenging times. Please don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions. We are here 24/7 for your restoration needs.