Picture of Frustrated Man Dealing With Insurance Claim

How To Deal With Your Insurance Company Post Water Damage

After a flood, don’t let chaos ensue. When faced with water damage or mold, it is imperative that you practice safety first and remember that we here at Clear Coast Restoration have your back. From restoring your prized possessions to walking you through your insurance claim, we have the experience and knowledge to get you back in your home as soon as possible.

Here is how to make the insurance claim process a smooth one:

Contact Your Insurance Company ASAP

As soon as you and your family are safe, the first thing you need to do is contact your insurance company. You should immediately notify your agent of your current emergency and let him or her know how they can contact you. Your agent will likely connect to you a claim adjuster, who will walk you through how to file your claim.

Take Photographs

Once your home has been cleared by professionals and does not pose any potential dangers, go through your home room-by-room. Take photographs of all damaged items and any pooling water in your home. Videos are also a great way to document your water damage. It is important you do not try and clean anything up until you have taken inventory of affected property. Make sure you do not throw away any items that are in need of repair or replacement, as your adjuster may need proof of damages in the future.

Once you have photographic evidence of all water damage, you can begin grabbing your undamaged items and separating the wet from the dry.

If you already have an itemized, photographic inventory of your possessions and valuables, this will prove beneficial in documenting your claim as well.

Working With Your Adjuster

Your adjuster establishes the benefits you are due under your insurance policy. They will review your itemized list and determine the value of your damages. Make sure you are at your property when the adjuster does their on-site inspection, as you want to make sure you work together to ascertain which items can be repaired and what products need replacing. Additionally, if you are displaced from your home, due to restoration, your insurance company may reimburse your current living expenses. Inform your adjuster of your current situation!

For help working with your insurance company, from the initial assessment through damage mitigation, contact Clear Coast Restoration at (909) 443-2626. We are here for your urgent restoration needs and will take care of your emergency quickly and correctly.