Man Looking at Leak

Signs that You Have a Dangerous Water Leak

Water damage can result from a variety of things. Heavy storms, burst pipes, or a malfunctioning water appliance are some of the more dramatic causes, but they might not be the most dangerous. Smaller leaks can buildup over time and cause a big problem seemingly out of nowhere if you aren’t able to recognize the signs. Luckily, if you know what to look for you can catch the leak before it causes damage at all. Here are the signs you should recognize.

Water Bill Increase

Your utility bills are like the report card for your system. This is why it’s vital to keep track of your monthly spending. With organization, you can notice when the bill spikes and potentially catch a leak before it becomes too destructive.


Mold can grow on wet carpet or drywall in as little as a day. Pay attention to the smells in your home. If you notice mildewy odors, it very well could be caused by a water leak.

Wet Spots

This seems obvious, but many people won’t make the connection. If you see puddles near your sink, it might not be a simple spill! Also, be aware of discoloring or warped wood flooring as these could both be signs of water leaks.

Water Meter

So, you’ve seen some of these signs and want confirmation before you call. Check your water meter. It’s most likely located in the front of your home at the curb. Turn off all of the water using appliances in your home. If the water meter is increasing, there’s still water going to your home, which means it could be a leak. If it’s an analog meter, look for a small triangle on the face of the gauge. If it’s rotating, that’s an indication that there is a small amount of water flowing through their pipes.

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