Fire and Smoke Damage Removal in Riverside, CA

24/7 Emergency Fire and Smoke Damage Removal in Riverside, CA

Fire damage restoration is a process that begins as soon as the authorities say the property is safe. Smoke is an acidic by product of fire capable of corroding and staining surfaces such as walls and counters. In some cases, the steps taken to put out the blaze can cause more damage than the actual fire. This is why proper fire restoration deals with heat, smoke and water damage.

Steps in the Fire Damage Process

  1. Proper evaluation to determine cleaning process required.
  2. Determine the most cost effective cleaning method.
  3. Assignment of appropriate professionals that are specialized and trained in this area.
  4. Selection of proper tools and equipment.
  5. Utilize proper cleaning solutions.
  6. Implementation of the 5-Step Cleaning Process
    • Time
    • Temperature
    • Volume
    • Chemical
    • Mechanical
  7. Execute and ensure a detailed cleaning process is followed.
  8. Soot and carbon elimination inspection.
  9. Odor elimination inspection.
  10. Final inspection done by a Project Manager.

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Fire and Smoke Damage Removal in Riverside, CA