Frustrated Insurance Claimant

How Insurance Companies Can Take Advantage of Water Damage Victims

We all appreciate our insurance companies when we get our claims paid. However, the days, weeks, and in some cases months, before that can be full of frustration. The insurance company is continually calling with updates, and new steps in the process seem to come out of nowhere.

Additionally, there’s the constant worry that they will deny your claim after you’ve already gone through so much. To avoid being mistreated, we recommend you look out for the following.

Remember The Motivations of the Insurance Company

Your insurance company makes money when it doesn’t pay claims. There have been scandals in the past of employees being rewarded for their number of rejected claims. Now, of course, insurance companies need to protect themselves from fraud, but when claims are denied merely because of quotas or to meet quarterly goals, that is a big problem.

Confusing Policies

Despite many states instituting “plain English” laws for insurance policies, confusion among customers is quite common. Some law scholars have even questioned the very idea that “plain English” reduces consumer confusion. Either way, the majority of Americans aren’t sure what their policies cover. This is likely because most people don’t read these contracts and try to think about insurance as little as possible.

Delaying Payment

Insurance companies can take ages to pay off claims. Whether it’s due to a disorganized insurance agent, or whether it is intentionally malicious, your payment can be delayed enough to cause financial problems for you and your family. To ensure everything stays on schedule, consumers often feel obligated to communicate with their insurance provider constantly. Communication is great, but it’s a lot of work to fit into your already busy lives.

So, What Can You Do About It?

If you are in a water damage emergency, Clear Coast Restoration can handle all of the communication between you and the insurance company for you. We have the experience of dealing with these companies every day, and our customers routinely have lower insurance claim life cycles than average.

We at Clear Coast Restoration are experts in water damage restoration and homeowner’s insurance. If you need our assistance, give us a call at (909) 443-2626 or fill out an online form.